Fix Acne with these Golden Suds

What an amusing comparison this ad from eighty years ago draws. How reassuring to know that the lager you’re drinking is made from clean grain. Also bemusing is that the second-person point of view of the headline taken with the image of the child having his face washed implies that the boy is the drinker. Or perhaps an infantile version of the drinker.

In which case Budweiser was trying to associate drinking their beer with getting one’s face washed – a form of renewal, a refreshing ritual?

Wash Bud Ad

Is the advertisement subtly using cleaning – scrupulous cleaning – as a kind of excuse for the light lager flavour? So clean, all flavour is stripped away! Even the water is washed! With air, clean, clean air! You will never catch influenza from our beer!

But really, were any of Bud’s competitors in the 1930s letting dirt into the bottle? I highly doubt it. Beer has so many stages from the field to the glass that dirt from barley is a total non-factor.

Then there is of course again that creepy “Make this Test” box Budweiser loved so much in those days.