I love cooking and dabbling in cheesemaking, winemaking etc. but there are few things I prefer to firing up my urn, milling some grain and brewing a batch of beer.  Home and professional brewers stretch back for generations in my family and I find real romance in brewing a beverage as old as civilization itself. In the course of my brewing history I have brewed over two thousand litres of beer (but of course, I still make pretty average beer sometimes!).

I experiment often with recipes but have three regulars always on tap at my house. Or at least, I did before I started spending so much time in Myanmar: now the brewing is a bit patchier.

Tanji’s Pale Ale

This is a simple American-style ale with a rich honey appearance and robust, lemony hop flavours.  I brew it at 5% alcohol by volume using Australian and New Zealand malts and hops.

Munchkin’s Mild

A peated, thick malty beer with high esters for late night study and movies.  Pairs excellently with whiskey.  I brew this beer at 3.5% alcohol by volume using English-style malts and hops.


My blonde wheat beer is delicate and medium-bodied with subtle hopping.  This permits a light aroma from the traditional Bavarian yeast to linger.  Brewed at 4.5% alcohol by volume using German-style malts and hops.