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Extra Blond Vedett

Another eight months goes by without a single beer tasting post. How does this happen? And in these eight months Myanmar has received its first craft brewery, to boot. I need to lift my game it would seem. Unfortunately I missed out on sitting down and thinking hard about the many beers I had last week in Denmark (mostly from Mikkeller and Carlsberg) but I am on point this week here in the Netherlands. So, without further ado.

The Vedett range of beers is brewed by Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat, i.e. Duvel, and seems to be their attempt at trendiness, although as I understand it the Vedett name is quite old and they took it over through acquisition.

The beer is a “premium lager” and weighs in at 5.2%. It certainly is pale, one of the palest lagers I’ve had in a while, especially after all the dark lagers I had in Denmark through Carlsberg. It looks great in the glass, a flowing, democratic head, super effervescent, big, brash bubbles and that scintillating paleness. Perfectly clear. The aroma is spicy hops, saaz for sure, with subtle lemon and what seem to be zesty phenolics, kinda strange for a lager.

It has a thin mouthfeel and a tight aftertaste, a little harsher than I was expecting. It fades the more you drink, but certainly this is not a typically balanced beer. It would go very nicely if today were less overcast and I were seated on the grass by the canal lapping at the backyard. As it is I sit inside typing. After warming the aroma becomes soapier, an unusual addition to an already weird smell.

The lager profile keeps things fairly underwhelming but on the whole this is an odd beer – its dryness, bitterness and peculiar aroma throwing me off with every sip. Vedett claims the beer has “smooth, malty character with subtly balanced hops … lingering fruitiness with subtle notes of vanilla”. Not getting it.

I bought a bottle of this beer at an unnamed supermarket in Utrecht, the Netherlands and drank it in a home nearby. What a beautiful city.

Indeed Brewing Co. Dandy Pale Lager

Indeed Brewing Co. has been going since 2012 and brews out of Minneapolis. They pride themselves on being community-orientated, donating all profits from their taproom’s Wednesday trade to a different nonprofit each week. Let’s hope they survive The Dreaded Correction.

I would estimate this beer has an EBC of around 10, the colour of those palest of yellow fall leaves. Its head is slight but hangs around. After olfactory exploration sweet biscuit, butter and waffle malt character predominate; no yeast, no hops. On sampling the beer a dry, medium mouthfeel smoothly highlights a very pure, clean bread malt flavour. It’s very well done. Bitterness is an afterthought.

I bought this 5.4% ABV canned beer at Happy Harry’s Bottleshop and drank it at a house in West Fargo, North Dakota.

Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils

Famous for Dale’s Pale Ale, the Oskar Blues brewery has a bunch of other beers that I had never heard of in Australia. While browsing the range in a nice little brewshop on North Avenue (and in between Big Lebowski banter with the staff, who are very switched into the Chicago beer scene) I came across this pilsner. The Mama’s Little Yella looks great in the can and pulled me in quickly with its designation as a “Rocky Mountain Pilsner”. Yeah! South Park beer!

After cracking I see a very clear, very pale lager with the typical capacious head I am coming to associate with all the beers I’ve had in Chicago but a bready, unexpected aroma. There are also hints of herbs and veg, a kind of light oregano bite with lingering zucchini. The flavour is a big punch of malt, very sweet, deep doughy punches almost going into coffee territory – in a pils! At the very end there is also something fusel going on. It’s a weird combination of familiar flavours in an unfamiliar combination, quite syruppy.

The mouthfeel is dead centre, edging towards full. I’m not sure what to make of this beer, I don’t really dig it. It’s sweeter than most pilsners, bohemian or otherwise, with the darndest malt profile and an eeky, burny aftertaste.

I bought this 5.3% ABV canned beer from the Liquor Park “neighbourhood brewtique” and drank it at a house in Wicker Park, Chicago, Illinois.