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Persephone Brewing Dry Stout

Persephone Brewing are trying to make the world a better place by playing a prominent role in the neo-local movement in Canada. They brew out of a small farm using their own hops and locally-sourced grain and employ workers with a social conscience. The farm itself is on the tip of the coast of the western approach to Bowen Island, where I drank their Dry Stout by the pint. I had asked the bartender what a particularly rowdy group of locals were drinking and she replied “some stout” – which I promptly had to order.

Sitting down with a mate we drank the beer and ate beef dip – which was gross. Thankfully the beer didn’t disappoint!

This thorough and conscientious stout presents a dark creamy head with subdued coffee, chocolate and milk on the nose. A waft of caramel is also present in aroma, mixing perfectly. The head is packed tight with tiny, tiny bubbles, condensed and professional.

A mellow creamy milk flavour hits the tastebuds first, followed by coffee. Great slick mouthfeel and not too dry, actually less moreish finish than expected. Flavours develop to remind me of those old milk bottle lollies I used to buy at the local milk bar. The head retains atop this extremely black brew, screaming to be inhaled, imbibed, enjoyed. This is a very nice beer – a bit of roast, high on coffee, some dairy notes in a good way.

Definitely one of the best stouts I drank on the North American continent.

I drank pints of this beer at the Bowen Island Pub, British Columbia.