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Sleeman Honey Brown Lager

The Sleeman Brewery has a different background to most of the new craft breweries, being born from a beer import business in Canada that started out specialising in English ales. However, the business mind behind the brewery is the latest in a long line of Canadian brewers – so the company can (and does) focus on family heritage in its marketing. In 2015, Sleeman’s is a conservative brewery with open, proven beers designed to please widely. I recently shot some pool with one of their more interesting beers: the Honey Brown Lager.

This smooth, rich 5.2% ABV beer presents in toffee and amber tones, with a sizeable creamy head. It has faint hints of rust on the nose, blanketed in – believe it or not – rose petals. The aroma is very unique. I am hard-pressed to identify its contributing ingredients … maybe from the honey? One thing’s for sure: it smells wholesome and delicious.

The Honey Brown Lager features a restrained sweetness and a mellow bitterness. As a lager its flavours are delicate, but well achieved and appreciable. Brown malts are just noticeable and the dry mouthfeel helps it go down. It’s a combo; light, dry, yet smooth, creamy, and fluffy. Not at all cloying. An exciting beer that I could easily drink a pitcher of, and leagues ahead of the macro lagers in Australia.

I drank this draught beer at Soho Billiards, Yaletown.