Other Writing


Book Review: Miss Burma. Tea Circle. Pretty self-explanatory!  Link here.

Craft Beer comes to Myanmar. Craft Beer Asia. An introduction to Myanmar’s nascent scene for this detailed directory of craft breweries across Asia. Link here.

A Brewing Revolution. Frontier Myanmar. A more detailed overview of Burbrit, the first microbrewery in Myanmar. Link here.

Brewing anew in Burma. New Mandala. A quick profile of Burbrit, the first microbrewery in Myanmar. Link here.


How long can the longyi last? Myanmar Times. A column piece arguing for the retention of this most fantastic garment. Link here.

A sip of something more in Myanmar? New Mandala. A colourful portrait of beer drinkers in a suburban Yangon beer shop. Link here.

Beer Barons and Ballads in Myanmar. New Mandala. Article discussing the Tuborg controversy between Carlsberg and a Myanmar family. Link here.


Selling China’s Beer History. Global Times. Short piece highlighting beer production in China and the nation’s ancient beer history. Link here.


Mass Disappearance of Vietnamese Brides in China’s North. East by Southeast. Discussion of a disappearance of over a hundred Vietnamese women in Hebei. Link here. Cross-posted on The Diplomat.

Koh Tao Trial Another Litmus Test. New Mandala. Article drawing attention to a murder investigation and trial in Thailand. Link here.


Just a LadyNew Mandala. Spread over two articles, this is a critique of the 2011 Luc Besson film The Lady.

Challenges to Preventative Diplomacy. May 11, 2013. Available as PDF, this was originally an essay in my Master of Diplomacy degree.


The Khmer Rouge and Cambodian Film. May 8, 2012. Available as PDF, this review article on Cambodia’s film industry was written for a University class.

Bleak Future for Water Security in Cambodia.  May 5, 2012.  Available as PDF, this article was published on one of my old blogs.

Colonialism with Benefits: The Chettiar & Chinese in British Burma. March 17, 2012. Available as PDF, this short research piece was published on one of my old blogs.

Creative Industry Policy in Shanghai. Here as a PDF, this short article was originally published on a now-defunct blog.