Bamazaga ဗမာစကား means Burmese, the national language of Myanmar.

This is the website for the Burmese language teaching and translation activities organised by Prof. Justin Watkins.

We ran Burmese language courses each year from 2009 until 2019 in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city and commercial capital.  Yangon is a unique, tropical metropolis and studying two weeks of intense Burmese in such a location provided an opportunity to practice while learning, and better understand the culture, history and customs of urban Myanmar.

In the COVID-19 era the courses moved online: since May/June 2020 we have run a combination of two-week and longer online courses, and continue to run these in combination with two-week intensive courses held in Chiang Mai, Thailand: the first was in February 2023, the next in October 2023.

Currently we are offering online Autumn 2023 courses in September/October 2023, and the next in-person course will run in Chiang Mai in October 2023.

Application opens July 2023 for the online Autumn 2023 courses and October 2023 Chiang Mai course. The application forms contain information on our courses: dates, prices, applications and a description of what you can expect to learn. 

Keep on studying your Bamazaga and check back here regularly.

Bamazaga teachers:

Justin Watkins
Yu Yu Khaing

And the late and much loved John Okell OBE, who passed away on Sunday 2 August 2020.

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